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A horse and rider jumping over a fence whilst using a Wintec saddle.


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*The saddles on this page are NOT trial saddles and are available for direct purchase only!

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Introducing Wintec saddles: Unleash your riding spirit with Saddles Europe


Welcome to Saddles Europe, your premier destination for Wintec saddles, the largest outlet for Wintec Saddles in the E.U. Get ready to unleash your riding spirit with our playful and innovative Wintec saddle collection. Dive into the exciting features and benefits that make Wintec saddles a must-have for all equestrian enthusiasts.


Wintec saddles: Embrace the joy of riding


1. Dynamic Design: Wintec saddles bring a touch of playfulness to the arena with their sleek and practical designs. Express your unique style and stand out while enjoying the ultimate riding experience.


2. Comfort Revolution: Experience a revolution in comfort with Wintec saddles. Crafted with rider and horse in mind, Wintec saddles offer exceptional cushioning and support with the HART Horse and Rider Technology, allowing you to stay in the saddle longer and enjoy every comfortable moment.


3. Endless Versatility: Whether you ride dressage devotee, a springing jumper, a GP general purpose rider or an adventurous trailblazer needing stock or endurance saddles, Wintec has a saddle for you and your horse or pony. From dressage saddles to all-purpose GP saddles, from wide series saddles to square cantel saddles explore the versatile Wintec range and find the perfect fit for your riding ambitions.


4. Unleash Your Performance: Wintec saddles are designed to boost your performance to new heights. With the new innovative features of HART such as the Easy Change adjustable gullet systems, ergonomic seat designs, adjustable panels, removable blocks and lightweight materials, Wintec saddles empower you to ride with confidence and finesse.


5. Easy Care, More Play: Say goodbye to endless saddle maintenance. Wintec saddles are crafted from durable and weather-resistant synthetic materials, making them easy to clean and maintain. Spend less time caring for your saddle and more time enjoying the thrill of riding.


Choose Saddles Europe for your Wintec saddle adventure.

Saddle up and unleash your spirit.


Explore our captivating collection of Wintec saddles and find the perfect match for your riding style and aspirations. Unleash your spirit and experience the joy of riding with Wintec saddles from Saddles Europe.

Order today and embark on an exhilarating equestrian journey that will leave you wanting more.

Always remember if you are not entirely sure which Wintec saddle you require you can rely on our exceptional customer service and our world leading Wintec saddle trial facility to help decide.

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