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FREE Exclusive master saddle fitting tips.

FREE Trial gullet packs.

FREE Full 5 day trials.

ZERO Obligation.

ZERO Travelling.

FREE Delivery.


We are trustworthy people - Helping 'YOU' to find your saddle safely.


  • Fit and play with the saddle, ride in the saddle, make sure you are happy with the saddle.


  • TRIAL SUCCESS - Awesome! Simply enjoy your new saddle.​

  • TRIAL FAIL - Amazing! You have not bought a saddle that is absolutely no good to you - Simply notify us and return it!


All prices include your local VAT rate.

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Introducing Saddles Europe's revolutionary saddle trial facility - Experience the future of saddle fitting.


Saddles Europe proudly presents Europe's original and most dedicated online saddle trial facility, setting the new standard for riders across every corner of the E.U.
With a huge selection of new trial saddles available, we bring you an unparalleled opportunity to find the perfect fit for both you and your equine companion. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive not only an exceptional product but also an effortless and a virtually risk-free trial experience.


1. Discover a world of possibilities:

At Saddles Europe, we understand that every rider is unique, and finding the perfect saddle can be a daunting task. That's why our trial facility boasts an extensive range of saddles, handpicked from top manufacturers of adjustable saddles. With our diverse collection, you have exclusive access explore various models, designs, and materials to discover what truly suits you and your horse.


2. Seamless trials made easy:

Gone are the days of worrying about committing to a saddle without thoroughly testing it first. Our straightforward trial process makes it effortless for you to try multiple saddles from the comfort of your own home. If the saddle doesn't fit or simply does not meet your expectations, you lose nothing except the trial fee which is currently €30. It's that simple, risk-free and hassle-free.


3. Convenience delivered to your doorstep:

We understand that time is precious, and visiting a physical stores might not always be feasible. Saddle fitters can only travel so far and mostly they have a very limited range of saddles. That's why we've revolutionised the saddle trial experience by bringing it to you. With our efficient daily saddle shipments, riders across every European state can enjoy the convenience of trying out saddles without leaving their home. Whether you reside in bustling cities or remote countryside, we deliver the saddles directly to your door, ensuring a seamless and time-saving process.


4. Unparalleled expertise at your fingertips:

As pioneers in the industry, Saddles Europe not only provides you with an extensive saddle collection but also grants you exclusive access to master saddle fitting tips. Our true master saddle fitter who has decades of experience and the knowledge from fitting thousands of saddles is happy to share her expertise to help guide you towards the perfect saddle choice. With our online platform, you gain access to expert advice and exclusive educational resources - ensuring that you make an informed decision that will enhance and empower your riding experience. 

5. Unmatched online experience:

Saddles Europe takes pride in our cutting-edge online platform, designed to deliver an unrivaled user experience. Seamlessly navigate through our user friendly website, browse our vast inventory of trial saddles, and effortlessly book your saddle trials with just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface ensures that you can explore our extensive collection, access expert guidance, and manage your trial process with ease. When it comes to convenience and efficiency, our online process stands second to none.

Added to your trial we give you 3 FREE trial gullets that could be worth 
up to €149.00 depending on the brand of your chosen saddle, so you don't need to worry about a thing.

We give you permanent discounts on Recommended Retail Price's and FREE delivery anywhere in Europe.
We literally
can't do anymore for you, apart from come and fit it, which I am afraid is not possible, there's too many kilometres between us!
Now you know why we exist, we exist for those who do not have access to feasible saddle fitting options.

Experience the future of saddle fitting with Saddles Europe's revolutionary trial facility. Unlock unparalleled selection, effortless trials, exclusive fitting expertise, and a seamless online process. Say goodbye to compromising on comfort and performance. Begin the journey with us today and trial saddles that could elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Your dream saddle awaits at Saddles Europe, the forefront of online saddle innovation.



"It all starts with trialling saddles without risk"