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The Fairfax saddle logo in gold.
A Fairfax sponsored rider jumping her horse over a fence in a competition.

"When bridles of this quality are used the gains in performance can be huge!"

FAIRFAX BRIDLES - Improve major and minor requests.

Fairfax bridles give far greater comfort for your horse, leading to more instant messages.

They look fantastic raising your profile.

They are modular allowing for the interchanging of different components such as plain, crystal, pearl and diamante brow bands, nose bands, throat lashes, crank straps and jowl pads.

Above all - Fairfax bridles are a fully proven and highly tested product.

We have no hesitation stating that in our opinion the "Fairfax range of bridles are the very best bridles available."

Please feel free to contact us if you require advice regarding these exquisite bridles.


All prices include your local VAT rate.