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A horse being ridden in a Prolite girth.


The prolite performance logo in blue and white.

Prolite girths offer exceptional quality for everyday use.

Superb girths that have been specifically designed to provide comfort, performance and durability.

Prolite girths distribute pressure evenly, reducing discomfort and rubbing due to their ergonomic and anatomical shape. By using tough breathable, moisture-wicking materials, they keep horses cool and dry.
Adjustable and user-friendly, Prolite girths ensure a secure fit for unrestricted movement.

Prolite narrow and standard gauge girths improve performance and develop a strong rider-horse bond.

Prolite girths are particularly useful for horses with forward girth grooves and they work very well for holding slipping saddles in place. There is even a new pony specific Prolite girth.

Saddles sells a lot of these girths and for good reason. Simply put - 'They Work'.
If we had to choose one type of girth - The Prolite range of girths would be it!

We permanently carry every size, colour and variation of these girths, they are always in demand!

All prices include your local VAT rate.