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A horse rider riding a horse wearing a bridle and using reins.

Through popular demand we now offer more generic everyday bridles and reins as part of our stock inventory.
As with all of our products they have been chosen to meet every riders budget and expectations.

Saddles Europe is a dedicated online saddlery. We specialise in saddles and saddle specific knowledge. However we are being met with increasing numbers of customers who are requesting other items of equine equipment such as bridles and reins.

We have been one of the largest outfitters of Fairfax 
bridles in Northern Europe for many years and have a wealth of knowledge in fitting them. However these luxurious and premium bridles are expensive and many riders are requestinG, more cost effective everyday solutions for their bridle and rein solutions. For this reason we are building our inventory of bridles and reins to meet every EU riders expectations and budget.


All prices include your local VAT rate.