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FREE Exclusive master saddle fitting tips.

FREE Trial gullet packs.

FREE Full 5 day trials.

ZERO Obligation.

ZERO Travelling.

FREE Delivery.


We are trustworthy people - Helping 'YOU' to find your saddle safely.


  • Fit and play with the saddle, ride in the saddle, make sure you are happy with the saddle.


  • TRIAL SUCCESS - Awesome! Simply enjoy your new saddle.​

  • TRIAL FAIL - Amazing! You have not bought a saddle that is absolutely no good to you - Simply notify us and return it!


All prices include your local VAT rate.

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Welcome to Saddles the leading outfitter of Bates saddles in Europe. We provide the revolutionary saddle trial and test facility that allows you to ride in Bates saddles with ease and without any obligations. We take pride in being the only service that brings this unparalleled experience to our European customers, transforming the way saddle fitting is perceived across every corner of the European Union.


With our dedicated efforts, we have created a platform that empowers riders to take control of their saddle fitting journey.
Bates adjustable leather saddles are designed to perfectly accommodate "Do it yourself" saddle fitting. Offering adjustable widths, straps, panels, and blocks, along with the Cair system, Bates saddles provide a top-notch option for riders seeking a all around saddle fit approach.


At Saddles, we understand the importance of finding the right saddle for both you and your horse. That's why we have made it our mission to provide you with an unmatched experience, ensuring that you can trial and test Bates saddles without worries, travel, locked in sales or obligations.


Embark on a transformative saddle fitting journey. Explore the possibilities of Bates saddles, known for their adjustable features and exceptional craftsmanship. With our dedicated facility, you can trust that you are making an informed decision while taking control of your own saddle fitting process.


Choose Saddles and experience the future of saddle fitting. Discover the remarkable benefits of Bates saddles and revolutionise your riding experience today.