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FREE Exclusive master saddle fitting tips.

FREE Trial gullet packs.

FREE Full 5 day trials.

ZERO Obligation.

ZERO Travelling.

FREE Delivery.


We are trustworthy people - Helping 'YOU' to find your saddle safely.


  • Fit and play with the saddle, ride in the saddle, make sure you are happy with the saddle.


  • TRIAL SUCCESS - Awesome! Simply enjoy your new saddle.​

  • TRIAL FAIL - Amazing! You have not bought a saddle that is absolutely no good to you - Simply notify us and return it!


All prices include your local VAT rate.

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At Saddles we are ahead of the curve by offering Arena saddles to riders across the European Union since their first release. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide free delivery trials of these exceptional leather and synthetic saddles to every location on the European continent.


Arena saddles are renowned for their superb fitting capabilities, featuring adjustable criteria that make it effortless for riders to fit their own saddles. We understand the frustrations of limited options and the hassle of unnecessary saddlery trips. That's why we have combined the ease and simplicity of Arena saddles with our expertise and intuitive online trial facility and saddle test centre, creating a winning option for riders like you.


With Saddles, there's no need to make ridiculous saddlery trips anymore. You can conveniently order your desired Arena saddle online, without any obligation. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to take control of your saddle fitting process, providing you with the freedom to explore and find the perfect fit.


Experience the convenience and satisfaction of fitting your own saddle with Arena saddles from Saddles Take advantage of our expertise and the seamless online trial facility, designed to make your saddle selection process a breeze.


Visit Saddles today and embrace the future of saddle fitting. Say goodbye to limited options and saddle-related frustrations. Order your Arena saddle online, unlock the freedom to fit your own saddle, and enjoy a transformative riding experience like never before.