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Why You Should Choose Prolite Girths for Your Saddle.

Prolite Anatomical Girth on a Horse

A girth is a girth, right? Wrong!

Your saddle girth is a very important piece of equipment and the choices you make will impact the following:

  • Saddle Stability

  • Yours and your horses comfort

  • Your centre of balance

  • Positive and Negative effects on your horses gait

Image of Prolite Anatomical Girth

That initial statement is bold, but very true, do not underestimate the importance of your girth. along with Saddles Ireland have been selling the Prolite girths for well over 15 years. We have never had a Prolite product warranty claim or a manufacturing fault reported. Saddles Europe has a long standing reputation for truly caring about the products our clients buy, all of our products are very carefully chosen. You can be assured that if we are doing a product review, analysis or offering advice it's because the product is well worth your attention. This is most certainly the case with our best selling girth the Prolite Anatomical Girth. I will be looking at the affects that any girth will have on a riding saddle and why you should therefore be seriously considering the Prolite Range of Girths. At we automatically give you the best online prices anywhere in Ireland, N. Ireland, the UK and Europe by default. To absolutely further guarantee this fact apply the code PRICE-BEAT-1000 at the checkout and you will receive a further discount guaranteeing your new Prolite Girth will cost less than any other outlet in the Northern Hemisphere. OK, so now you are aware that our online prices are, always have been and always will be cheaper than the UK and the rest of Europe let's look at the those previously mentioned girthing aspects..........

Saddle Stability -

The more stable your saddle, the more you and your horse can concentrate on the task at hand. Stable saddles are imperative - Imagine your saddle slipping left or right, front and back whilst you are trying to perform any horse related manoeuvre including riding in a straight line at walk. Imagine your horse trying to carry out these manoeuvres whilst you are unstable.

As Ireland’s go to saddlery and Europe's main online saddlery our True Master Saddle Fitter Lauren Coxhead SMS MSF MSFC is contacted daily by riders who have issues with their saddle slipping. Generally there are 4 reasons for poor saddle stability -

1. A poorly fitting saddle - Obviously with a poorly fitting saddle you are going to struggle to rectify this with any girthing solution, including using a Prolite girth. A skilled saddle fitter could offer short term solutions, but essentially you need a correctly fitting saddle in combination with correct girthing. Correct saddle fit is imperative, once achieved the saddle will make even contact with the horse and distribute weight evenly, leading to increased stability.

2. Your horse has a forward girth groove - Many horses have a forward girth groove - The girth groove is where the girth should naturally sit and if that point is forward of the saddles girthing points, the saddle is going to be pulled forward. There is a solution the Prolite Anatomic Girth. Most riders are familiar with the anatomic girth - The anatomic girth is shaped to sit forward of the saddles girth points which in turn holds the saddle in the correct position whilst facilitating the forward girth groove. We help riders daily with this issue and virtually always rectify the issue with a Prolite Anatomic Girth.

Incidentally all Prolite girths are anatomically shaped, it is the curved and contoured shape that makes the difference with a forward girth groove. It is important to realise that Prolite girths are not limited to horses with forward girth grooves, they are also a very effective girth on any horse, in any situation.

Image showing a horse with a forward girth groove.
The girth groove on this horse is well defined and forward of where the saddle will naturally sit. To use a standard girth in this situation will virtually always result in the saddle slipping forward.

3. You or your horse, or a combination of both are one sided or un-balanced - If either of you are one sided (pretty much all riders and horses are to some degree) then you run the risk of exacerbating stability issues with poor girthing. Due to the exceptional stabilising characteristics and the anatomical nature of the Prolite girths, the effects of balance issues are more often than not alleviated or negated. Nearly all of our elite level riders use the Prolite Anatomical Girth or its full leather cousin, the Fairfax Anatomical Girth to gain that extra grip. That one fact alone speaks volumes.

4. Your horse has changed shape - Even if the saddle was good, things can change and your saddle can start to slip - Your horse always changes shape! This seems to be something many riders do not realise, the extent to which a horse can change shape in it’s topline, girth, shoulders, neck and withers can be quite drastic. Even elite level horses who are exercised at the very highest level go in and out of shape. The shape of your horse is changing constantly! As your horse changes shape by muscling up or down, going in and out of work or seasonal changes, you can feel the effects in your saddle’s stability. In drastic situations saddle fit needs to be considered. However with minor changes, the effects can be controlled using various measures such as correct girthing. Hence the need for a premium quality girth such as the Prolite Anatomical Girth. For what the Prolite Anatomical Girth offers they are not expensive, considering they provide such outstanding results.

Yours and Your Horse's Comfort -

OK, so we have outlined the positive effects the Prolite Anatomical Girth will have on yours and your saddles stability, which will lead to increased rider confidence. But what about your horse’s comfort. A comfortable horse is more likely to be a happy forward going horse.

Prolite ‘Is Not’ just a brand name!

Prolite is a specifically engineered material aimed at the horses comfort.

Many if not most girths on the market are simply, just girths! They tend to be the same with slight variations, but essentially they are just girths that are badged or branded. This is not the case with the Prolite Anatomical Girths.

We, as a saddle fitting and retail outfitters, could approach a leather works today and order 100+ girths and have them badged and branded, but we don’t. Why? Because they will never be as good as the Prolite Anatomical Girths! Fact.

We do not exist to fool you with branding, we are here to help you with real life solutions! The Prolite Anatomical Girth is one such solution to your girthing issues or as a go to everyday girthing option.

So what is the Prolite Material?

The Prolite material is an impact absorbing material that returns to shape. It is contained within the the girth as a core. The high tech robust synthetic outer covering has properties that keep the girth cool, dry and breathable, it is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. In combination, this results in a girth that is hugely durable, non stretching, impact absorbing, saddle stabilising and comfortable. There are no other girthing options offering these credentials to the same degree.

  • The Prolite material red